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Annual Report

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We have a number of students who have food allergies. These allergies include things like peanuts, soy, milk & dairy products, eggs, sugar, red food dye, certain fruits and vegetables, spices, etc. Our cafeteria provides special lunches for students in order to accommodate their needs and avoid allergic reactions. This is the age when food allergies are often noticed that can cause severe reactions.

In order to keep our students safe and adhere to Head Start and Pre-K guidelines  for healthy foods, no food may be brought in to school.  Students may not bring their lunches to school. If you choose to bring lunch to your child, please let the teacher know in advance and you will be allowed to eat with your child in the parent room or alternate location. 

We know children like to celebrate birthdays and we want you to be able to help them celebrate.  Please feel free to bring non-edible items (stickers, pencils, bubbles, etc.), but cupcakes and other food items may not be brought in. Anything edible will be returned home.

For some holidays and special activities, we hand out treats.  An approved list of candy will be distributed by the nurse at that time if you would like to donate to the bags. Special bags will be provided to those with specific food allergies. We can do this for special holidays since it is a building-wide activity that is monitored by the nurse.  This is the only time any food may be brought to school. 

Thank you for your support to help us ensure the safety of our children. 


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For more information, call (618) 244-8087

Program Information

The program is located at the Dr. Andy Hall Building at 301 South 17th Street in Mount Vernon.

Funding for our program is provided by three grants, as well as the school district. 

The preschool program provides an comprehensive program that helps lay the groundwork for success in elementary school, and provides support for children and families by providing: